The Proposals

The Vision

Our vision for the site is to provide a green, dense, walkable, mixed-use neighbourhood which echoes exemplar developments in Germany and the Netherlands. URBED have recently designed a scheme in Nottingham called Trent Basin which provides a good indication of how new development on the Paper Mill site could look and feel:


Photos of completed housing within the Trent Basin scheme, taken in March 2017

Development Proposals

The team are proposing to submit a new outline application for the site. The proposals will include:

  • 300 new homes – with a mix of houses and apartments
  • Landscaped public spaces linking to the canal and river
  • A small local centre, with shops on Denison Road
  • Opening up access to the eastern edge of the canal for pedestrians
  • Space for a new restaurant next to the marina
  • A new crossing over the canal for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • An enhanced setting for the public footpath along the River Ouse

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