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  1. Wondering how the development will affect house prices, traffic across the little canal bridge, parking, and if there’ll be loss of light due to the proposed buildings opposite my house.


    1. Dear Martin,

      Thanks for your comment raising valuable questions. Here are some details that we hope can go someway to answer them.

      With regard to house prices – The scheme will be of a high standard both in terms of build quality and quality of design therefore we would anticipate no adverse effect on house prices locally as a consequence of the development. We would expect that having an approved scheme with a high degree of certainty on delivery would help support the housing market locally as currently potential purchases may be deterred from buying property in the locality as they are uncertain of the future development of the site. Once the development is under construction potential purchasers will be drawn to the area which may also benefit the housing market locally.

      You also ask about impact on traffic across the existing swing canal bridge. We are working within an existing planning approval and our revised scheme will generate less traffic than the already approved scheme on the site. Nevertheless we have looked afresh at traffic movements locally since the original scheme was approved. There will still be traffic along the canal bridge but we hope to provide and additional canal crossing point for pedestrian and cyclists only.

      Similarly regarding parking, we are liaising closely with the District Council on the extent of car parking requirements for the proposal in relation to the Council’s adopted planning policies and parking standards as well as national planning guidance on urban development. The emerging scheme accounts for on-plot or allocated parking for each dwelling.

      Lastly about loss of light – fronting Denison Road the development proposes two storey housing as a traditional form of development to compliment the existing two storey dwellings. The street width is not unusually narrow therefore we don’t foresee any loss of light as a consequence of the development.

      If you’re free, please do drop in tomorrow (Wednesday 26th) at the Cunliffe Centre. We’ll be there between 1pm-8pm with an exhibition on the emerging scheme.

      Members of the design team will be on hand to answer any further concerns or questions you may have.

      Many thanks,
      Lorenza, URBED


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